31 December 2013

Best wishes for the New Year

Hi Everyone

With 2013 drawing to a close... a scrapped a little something I wanted to share with all of you . . . my prayers for the New Year

I used the Sweet Life Collab from Digital Crea

The parts are also available separately:
Available here

Available here

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Available here
And here is another card I made . . . for an ATC Challenge at DigiDesignResort.com

I scrapped it using Alevtina's New Years Resolution (freebie sample kit) for the background, Vintage Treasury for the feather, and Butterfly Dsigns My Endless Love kit for rest. Below are previews of the respective kits and links to the store where you can purchase it.

Available here
Available here
Available here

Wishing you many more years of good health, success and happiness, love and prosperity!!!

Keep safe as you welcome in the New Year!!

Till next time, happy scrapping!

30 December 2013

Picture perfect moments

Hi Everyone

Have you ever noticed how picture perfect moments sneak up on you when you least expect them?? 

Well here's one that I could easily have missed... We took some of the little ones to a theme park and I happened to snap this pic of one of my nieces, bored to bits on the "kiddy swings" . . . 

I scrapped it with Cajoline - Don't forget me kit 

Here's another "sweet pic" of my hubby and the boys... just a regular moment captured . . . but since kids grow up so quickly, looking back after 12 years... they just look sooo adorable and my heart just melts with love and tenderness

I scrapped it with the Wish upon a star Collab kit at DigiDesignResort

Then there are the more obvious special moments...like Eid... here are some of our Eid-ul Fitr layouts 

I used two DigiDesignResort kits for this layout... Keepsakes Collab kit and Carena Design's Red rose Romance

It's become a bit of a family tradition to take pics at home before leaving to wish our respective parents and other relatives. . . And of course I love to scrap the moment/occasion each year... 

I used a  template for the template challenge at DigiDesignResort and their Lazy Days collab kit

Hope you've enjoyed these layouts and will be capturing your special moments these holidays. . . 

Till next time, happy scrapping

28 December 2013

Love is in the air

Hi Everyone

Earlier this month my hubby and I celebrated our 10th wedding Anniversary... I scrapped this layout in honour of the occasion and included two of my favourite wedding pics of us and the boys... What an unforgettably magical day . . . I cannot imagine it being more perfect!!!

I scrapped this layout of us using Carena Design's Charming kit. . .
Click here to get it at DigiDesignResort

On 30th April this year, my niece also got engaged. . . I scrapped these pics of the happy couple for a progressive scrap . . . and really like how it turned out . . .

Since it was a progressive scrap, I used a whole range of different kits for this one. . . 
Paper, frames, greenery and round item (brown hinges//frames) are from "One day in your life collab"

The sparkle, white flowers and roses: Carena Designs Charming kit

Heart balloon- Eternity Collab kit

Feather scatter - My Endless Love by Butterfly Dsigns

Element of choice: greenery, and 2 different flowers - Carena Design's Always my Love

White ribbons, my element of choice - mesh, Carena Design's Red Rose Romance

Hope you've enjoyed my layouts!!

Till next time, happy scrapping!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas and a card freebie

Hi Everyone

I'm just popping in to wish all those celebrating Christmas a wonderful day! May your day be blessed and full of special moments and memories you'll continue to treasure in years to come... 

Or click below for a "blank version" you can share with those you love . .. 
Click here to download this Christmas Card freebie

The kit I used for this card is "Wonderful Christmas" from DigiScrapbookingBoutique... click on image to follow the link
Available here (www.digiscrapbooking.ch/shop/

Till next time

18 December 2013

My unforgettable Birthday

Hi Everyone

Well, my holiday started off beautifully with the most wonderful birthday ever. . . I arrived at my brother's house to find my parents already there. . . Just minutes later I was in for a WONDERFUL SURPRISE . . .

Paradise Dream Collab - Background and paper scraps
And here are the two beautiful Collab kits I used for this layout . . .
Lazy Days Collab - Flowers and greenery

Still not putting two on two together, I excited chatted away . . . when we finally stepped outside we found a delicious breakfast feast awaiting us. . . Don't I have the MOST WONDERFUL FAMILY!!! 

But the day had only just begun . . . I was to spend a wonderful day by the pool, being spoilt rotten by my wonderful family . . . there was cake and candles and lots of laughter and munchies as we swam or simply relaxed and caught up with all we'd missed since we'd last seen each other. . . Then, in typical "fairytale style" my "fairy Good-family" lol got me all "dolled-up" in some of my gifts, just in time for my hubby's arrival and the evenings entertainment, my niece's ballet . . .

What can I say. . . I had the most wonderful day . . . the perfect break after a stressful and hectic year. . . 

I can't thank my family, especially my AWESOME SISTERS, enough . . . What a blessings they have always been and continue to be. . .  May only the best return their way!

While you enjoy all the hobbies you haven't had time for during the year, and relax with loved ones and friends, spare a moment to say a prayer for all the wonderful people and blessings in your life!!! 

Till we chat again, happy scrapping . . . 

Best wishes always

15 December 2013

Countdown to Christmas

Hi Everyone

I couldn't resist scrapping an old Christmas pic this week... When I was little, my mom would go into town to do the shopping... and at Christmas time, there would be Santa waiting, in case you wanted to have a pic taken with him... 

My mother is very sentimental and simply won't let any occasion go by without savouring it to the fullest... so, even though we don't celebrate Christmas, pics with Santa were something that we, as kids, had taken too ...  

I scrapped this layout using a freebie (mini) from Colleen Lynch's Timeless Keepsake kit... The complete kit is marked down 25% in store at DigiDesignResort, now... So don't miss out!

For all those celebrating Christmas, enjoy the special moments - past and present - as you countdown to Christmas!!!

Love and best wishes always

07 December 2013

RIP Tata Madiba (former South African President, Nelson R Mandela)

Hello Everyone

Tonight I'd like to share with you a layout I did in honour of our former President, Nelson R. Mandela . . . I wanted this layout to be truly special to honour the great man who brought freedom to my beautiful country, South Africa . . . 

I knew exactly what I wanted my layout to look like, for a few days before I'd seen the layout for the scraplift challenge at www.Digidesignresort.com and knew that it would be perfect for what I intended. 

Please, humour me a few moments as I detail some of my thinking and symbolism behind my layout. 

To me the contrast of black to red symbolised the shift from the darkness of apartheid to the new South Africa full of promise... the touches of red and green, to me, symbolise the love and peace and relationships that have been rebuilt with thanks to him. The butterfly for hope and the transformation we've undergone in becoming one nation once more. The key, a reminder that we have in our hands the key to a better tomorrow. The clock and gadgets, for his (Tata Madiba's) time with us, and his service in getting the government and other mechanisms of SA working once more. The touches of white, for his purity of heart and intention, that guided us through a very difficult time. The large light feather "angel wings" for his passing... 

I pray that indeed we will not just remember this great man by name and a recital of the good he's done, but instead, that we will strive for generations to come, to implement all that we have learnt from him, and take up his challenge of giving back and uplifting South Africa to the greatness she deserves, improving the condition of those who are challenged and exceed even his greatest dreams of peace, love and brotherhood... 

With the passing of time, may future generations continue to be passionate and motivated to serve and uplift, never losing the lessons, only the heartache and prejudices and may their future always shine with hope and promise... 

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones. May God grant them comfort in this trying time.

Happy Holidays everyone!
(layout scrapped using Feli Design and Lila's kit called Beyond the Darkness, the black background & paperscrap is from Hocus Pocus Collab kit and the frame from Cajoline Design's - Don't forget me kit)

05 November 2013

Muharram Mubarak / Happy New Year

Assalaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatu

I'm in the thick of studying for my dreaded Arabic exam tomorrow, but couldn't resist putting a little something together to wish you all for Muharram . . . may your year ahead truly be blessed!

Fi Amaanillaah

05 September 2013

Having fun with some challenges at Crafty Scraps Forum

Hi Everyone

Here are some layouts I did while joining in on the fun at the Crafty Scraps forum

Scrapped with Crafty Scraps Daisy kits seen below
Available here: http://www.scrapbookmax.com/digital-scrapbooking-kits/products/Daisy-Embellishment-Pack-%28Kit%29.html
Available here 
This is my older son showing off his crazy hairstyle after the holidays
Scrapped with Michelle McCoy's Kudos and Kudo's Add on kit

Scrapped using the HFD33 Mini kit at www.craftyscrapschat.com 

Pop over to the Crafty Scraps Forum for lots of awesome fun, challenges and freebies... 

Till next time,  Happy Scrapping!!

29 August 2013

Layouts to inspire you . . .

Hi Everyone

Hope you're enjoying the layouts I've been posting... Here are some more . . .

My nephew's 3 kids having some fun with the Dolphins in Dubai...

I scrapped this using Verena Karolyi Designs, Tropical Breeze 

The above are some of my favourite flowers ... Scrapped for a theme challenge at DigiDesignResort.com using Carena Designs Red Rose Romance kit

This is my buddies adorable daughter... I just love how this layout turned out
I scrapped it using Maria Designs Sweet Hearts and Maria Designs Sweet Hearts Add on kits 

I scrapped this using Michelle McCoy (Crafty Scraps) Endurance kit... still a favourite...  I just love the rich colours :) Don't you?!?

Looking forward to seeing you back here real soon!

Happy Scrapping