25 December 2012

Season's greetings

Hi Everyone

I know that today is a very special day for many of you, my Scrapbooking buddies, as you celebrate Christmas . . .  With that in mind, I couldn't let the day pass without wishing you all the best of blessings, health & happiness and a wonderful day of joy, peace, love, togetherness and special memories. . .

Hope you like the cards I made you!


I used a beautiful collab kit called Golden Christmas which I bought at Digiscrapbooking Boutique . . . As I bought it at least a year or two ago, I'm not too sure what the full Collab's image was . . . But here are some of the previews of individual designers....

Wishing all a safe and peaceful festive season!

Till next time, Happy Scrapping!

05 December 2012

Happy Anniversary & Hawaiian Party Luau kit

Hi Everyone

Today is my brother's 20th wedding anniversary and I couldn't let the day pass without wishing them the very best of love and happiness. . .

Slamat/Mubarak/Happy Anniversary!! May your marriage always be blessed with the strongest of foundations, boundless love, unwavering support, trust, respect & understanding. May the inevitable storms of life serve only to strengthen the bonds you share & see you grow ever closer & more in love. . . With all of our love always & forever xoxoxo

I scrapped this card for them using DigiDesignResorts Hawaiian Luau kit available here
And here's some more layout I'd scrapped with this kit . . .
For this layout I used Carena Design's Oct 2012 free template given for the template challenge at DigiDesignResort Forum
The next layout was also for a challenge there - but this time, musing about the perfect holiday getaway . . . Since its been a busy year for me, a tranquil escape to the sea was most appealing . . .
I hope you've enjoyed these layouts and will follow my blog . . . Remember, you can get today's kit, Hawaiian Party Luau Collab at the DigiDesignResort store  . . Just click on the links :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!!

03 December 2012

Some birthday layouts for you to enjoy!

Hi Everyone

Yes, I know I've been disgustingly quiet. . . Just busy, busy, busy my side . . .  The exams are finally a thing of the past and we're all counting down to the holidays and taking it easy . . . I think I've been looking forward to the holidays even more than the kids this year. . . I can't wait to play catch up on some scrapping projects I've started but never got round to finishing :)

I have been scrapping up a storm even though I haven't been at all good about posting them for you all to see . . .

Like these layouts of pics taken as I celebrated my birthday recently. . . What can I say, I am sooo blessed. . . My family & friends made my day sooo special with all the messages, calls, prayers and wishes :)

This layout was inspired by sketch 286 at http://scrapbookchallenges.com/  I found this site a while ago and simply love it. They post a new sketch every week and I've found them to be soo helpful when I want to scrap a pic but don't have lots of time to play and come up with a layout from scratch
All three these layouts were scrapped using Maria Designs Birthday Party kit . . .

You can find it at this store

Keep an eye on this blog as I hope to play catch up by posting more of my layouts I've done recently . . .

Also, please note that I have FINALLY made a start in posting my Islamic Inspirez cards on the new blog (http://786Inspirez.blogspot.com) so don't forget to bookmark and follow that page so you don't miss out. . .

You can also join me on Facebook, invite Zabra Scrap today!!

Wishing you all the best & happy scrapping

29 October 2012

My Eid wishes & Eid card

Hi Everyone . . . 

If you're a friend of Zabra Scrap on Facebook or a member of my Inspirez yahoo group, you'd have received this, my Eid greeting, on Eid... But I thought I'd share it again just in case you missed it . . .

To all our honoured hujaaj, weary but joyful on completing their hajj, may Allah (SWA) grant you all a Haj Maqbool & Mabroer, Insha-Allah, Ameen!! Our hearts & duas are with you . . . To all Muslims, I wish you an Eid Mubarak & Jumuah Mubar
ak!! May all your duas be accepted and your life be abundantly blessed!!! Remember me in your duas on this joyous day, a day with so many blessings all rolled into one . . .

Then I made a more general version too, by inserting a picture of the Kaabah where our family photo is. . . 

I scrapped these Eid greeting cards using the following
 2 kits: 

Available here

My Endless Love by Butterfly Design (recoloured brown paper to make green) available here 

and the Corner - Carena Designs - Charming kit (recoloured) available here 

Available here

What do you think of these Eid cards?? 

Remember, you can contact me at any time to design personalised cards, scrapbook albums, photobooks or other gifts to meet your needs... And they need not be Islamic... Christmas and New Year are around the corner, but there are also birthdays, anniversaries, get well cards ... 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes always
PS: Don't forget to "friend" me, Zabra Scrap, on Facebook ...

25 October 2012

Nabi Muhammad (SAW)'s last Sermon

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam

Something I’ve been wanting to scrap and share since last year already. . . Alhamdulillaah, I am so glad that I was able to do it today!

May Allah (SWA) make us of those who turn to the Quran and Sunnah for guidance in all things big and small and who heed the advice of our Beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW. May Allah (SWA) grant the hujaaj ease over the next few hours and crown them with the ultimate achievement of a Haj Maqbool and Mabroer. May Allah (SWA) guide them (and us) to make the important duas that will benefit us not just here in the Dhunya but in the Aakhirah too, Insha-Allah, and may Allah (SWA) accept them all, Insha-Allah, Ameen.

May we remember the sick and deceased in our duas, and also our youth – for whom many challenges still awake. May Allah (SWA) guide them and make them glowing examples of all that is good in Islam. May our salaah be ever treasured by us and our offspring, as precious gifts from Allah (SWA), our alone time with the Creator, Cherisher, Nourisher, Sustainer, Our Rabb!

Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar. La ila-ha ill-lallah. Allahu-Akbar, Allahu-Akbar. Wa-lilahill hamd.
(Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. There is no God but Allah. Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. And all praises are for Allah)

May we always strive to do our best and be the best Muslims we can. May Allah (SWA) guide us all, forgive us, provide for us and grant us all an easy reckoning and Jannatul Firdous and the company of the Prophet SAW, Insha-Allah, Ameen

Wishing all Muslims a joyous Eid and Jumuah Mubarak (in advance)!

Fi amaanillah - I leave you in the protection of Allah (S.W.A.)
Wasalaamu Alaykum Wa Raghmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu

View the hadiths I scrapped on Facebook – invite Zabra Scrap, and join my group Inspirez

Today, these beautiful verses from the Glorious Qur’an were scrapped with various DigiDesignResort kits (pink background and flower - Love Letters Collab, miroon background - Magic Breath, Stitches - JanetB Designs – Possibilities) available http://www.digidesignresort.com/affiliates/jrox.php?uid=daydreamer&jxURL=http://www.digidesignresort.com/shop/
Mesh Heart - we are family CollabTo receive my Friday / Jumuah emails / hadith cards, join my Inspirez Group on Yahoo at  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inspirez

20 September 2012

Some layouts I did for challenges at DigiDesignResort

Hi Everyone

I did a scraplift a few days ago, but its just been sooo hectic I haven't had a chance to share it with you . . . Finally, here it is. . .I just love how it turned out, don't you?

I scrapped this using Carena's Days gone by bundle . . . click below to find it in store, at DigiDesignResort

The next layout was one I did for a theme challenge about "fresh starts" . . .

I used a great collab kit called Secret Garden. Click on the links to be directed to the store.

Hope you've enjoyed this quick sneak peak!!

09 September 2012

Ginger Bake Quick Page freebies (8x8 and letter / 11x8.5)

Hi Everyone

It seems that once I started playing with Michelle's Ginger Bake kit I just couldn't stop . . . But before I show you my newest layouts, let me show you the kit previews, so we're all on the same page... 

The next two layouts were done for Jana's Boredom Challenge. . . A challenge that changes from month to month . . . This month, the task was to scraplift a layout of Michelle's (she'd used her Across the Border kit in her original layout) . . .
You'll notice that the following two layouts are very similar . . . You see, I just could not decide which background and character I preferred . . . I'd love to know which is your favourite, so I've included them both below?!?

The next layout is my personal favourite so I've turned it into a SET, yes, a SET of Quick Pages for you . . . One is a 8x8 layout, the other is set up to the size 11x8.5 (letter) . . .
Click here to download this layout in size 11x8.5 (letter)
Click here to download this layout in size 8x8
What can I say, I always lean towards the bright colours and layouts. . . I hope you will like it too :)
Till next time


07 September 2012

Michelle's new Ginger Bake kit & Inspirez hadith Freebie

Salaam (Peace) Everyone

Today I scrapped a verse of the Glorious Quran for my Inspirez group email using Michelle McCoy's Ginger Bake kit . . .

You can get these awesome kits at her store at ScrapbookMax.com or craftyscrapsstore.com
And here is the verse of the Glorious Qur'an that I scrapped with it
Click here to download
Click here to download
Wishing all a Jumuah Mubarak!

05 September 2012

Free kit with purchase, September Challenges & a Freebie Quick Page

Hi everyone

Michelle McCoy has an awesome special running at her Crafty Scraps Store. With a $5.00 purchase you get an really cool Fall Kit, absolutely FREE!!  Isn't that just SUPER COOL!!!She has so many gorgeous kits to choose from, I'm sure you'll have fun with the extra spending money... Don't miss out, visit her Store straight away . . .

September has also arrived, so we have some great new challenges at the forum too . . . Remember, for every challenge you do you get a great freebie as a participation prize!

I've just posted my September Quote challenge:

Here's Jana's Bordeom Buster Challenge ad:
And Linda's September Template Challenge

Michelle put this great free kit, Leaving a Mark, together for her Brag Book Challenge

So pop over to the Crafty Scraps Forum to download this adorable free kit and start playing along. At the end of the month you get ALL the Brag Book pages submitted too, isn't that FANTASTIC!!!
There's also the monthly Hide Find and Design Challenge that runs from the 15th of each month to the 15th of the following month. It's perfect for all your kids school pics, so don't miss out. . . I've used the last HFD challenge mini kit for the Freebie Quick Page I made for you today . . . I hope you will like it!
Click here to download
Click here to download
And here's a preview of the full kit you got for participating in last month's challenge . . . Remember, Michelle's challenges don't close, so you can still submit your layout and get this awesome MEGA KIT FREE
Thanks for popping by!
Happy Scrapping till next time

31 August 2012

Cocoa Red freebies . . . Inspirez Hadith & blank card too

Hi Everyone

I'm trying something new today that I hope EVERYONE (non Muslims especially) will like. . . and I would LOVE to hear your feedback. . .

Usually, I send out a Jumuah (Friday/Islamic) email from my Inspirez Group on Yahoo ((http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Inspirez)  . . . It usually has a scrapped hadith/verse from the Glorious Qur'an in it. Then I come here, leaving a link for you to download the  "hadith card" in case you'd like to print it. 

Today, I'm doing things a little differently. . . I still sent out my email and it still included the hadith for today. I even remembered to upload it to Zabra Scrap on Facebook!

But here's what I'm thinking. Every week I scrap a hadith but only a small amount of my blog followers can use it. So, this week, I thought I'd also upload the card (without the writing) as part of the download. That way anyone can use it for anything they like. . . You can write your own personalised message on it and use it for something you'd like to keep and share (perhaps, add a recipe or a inspiring message of your own?). I'd love to see what you do with it, so please pop me an email or leave me a message.

Here's what the blank card (or layered paper if you'd like to think of it that way) looks like:

And here's the hadith for today - its about Marriage in Shawaal . . .

Click here to download both the hadith and blank card

I scrapped it using Michelle's beautiful Cocoa Red kit, and can be purchased at her store at Scrapbook Max or www.craftyscrapsstore.com. . .

Don't forget to leave me some love and your comments/thoughts/ideas. I love to hear from you!

All the best till next time


25 August 2012

3 freebies, new Autumn/Fall kits, and Inspirez Hadith and Quran verse too

Hi Everyone
After a really hectic week, I'm back to show you an adorable new group of kits Michelle's put together . . . It's called Crisp Fall Days . . . Remember Michelle's kits are available in her Scrapbook Max Store and Crafty Scraps Store. Take a moment to browse her store today :) Lots of awesome kits and great deals :)
Here are some layouts I've scrapped with her new Crisp Fall Days kits. . .
The next one, I've turned into a Quick Page freebie for you . . . Enjoy!!

Click here to download
And as I promised my Inspirez readers, here are the hadith and Quran verses I scrapped for Friday's Jumuah email - sorry I'm late in posting this. . . I scrapped them both using Michelle's adorable Endurance kit . . .

Click here to download
Click here to download

Don't forget to send your friends over here too :)

Till next time

19 August 2012

Eid Mubarak and Inspirez Hadith freebie greeting card

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah/God be upon you!) Brothers and Sisters in Islam

Click here to Download this Inspirez Hadith Freebie

On this joyous day of Eid, I pray that we are amongst both the groups mentioned in this beautiful hadith - that we found Laylatul Qadr/the Night of Power and spent it in prayer with sincere faith and hope of reward from Allah, and that our fast (during Ramadaan) too was out of sincere faith and hoping for the reward from Allah, so that we may all have all our previous sins forgiven.

I make dua that all your fast (saum), prayers (salaah), dua (prayer/appeals), reading of the Glorious Quran (tilaawat) and good deeds (ibaadat) be accepted, that all your transgressions be forgiven and that you reap the best of blessings of Ramadaan and Eid! May we all be amongst those who were successful in attaining Allah's Mercy, Forgiveness, Blessings, Taqwa (God Consciousness) and strengthening in Eemaan (Faith) this Ramadaan!!!

May we remain strong and steadfast in all the good initiatives we started during Ramadaan, and be rewarded by attaining ever higher levels of Taqwa (God consciousness) and nearness to Allah!

May this Ramadaan leave us all spiritually refreshed, rid of our bad habits and traits, and ready to be even better Muslims in the months to come.

May Allah continue to shower His blessings upon us and grant us even higher levels of spiritual success and blessings in Ramadaan's to come, Insha-Allah, Ameen!!

Wishing all Muslims a truly blessed Eid!!

Eid Mubarak (Eid Blessings)

(PS: I scrapped this hadith using Michelle's lovely Paris with Love kit, available in her store at www.ScrapbookMax.com and www.craftyscrapstore.com