29 August 2013

Layouts to inspire you . . .

Hi Everyone

Hope you're enjoying the layouts I've been posting... Here are some more . . .

My nephew's 3 kids having some fun with the Dolphins in Dubai...

I scrapped this using Verena Karolyi Designs, Tropical Breeze 

The above are some of my favourite flowers ... Scrapped for a theme challenge at DigiDesignResort.com using Carena Designs Red Rose Romance kit

This is my buddies adorable daughter... I just love how this layout turned out
I scrapped it using Maria Designs Sweet Hearts and Maria Designs Sweet Hearts Add on kits 

I scrapped this using Michelle McCoy (Crafty Scraps) Endurance kit... still a favourite...  I just love the rich colours :) Don't you?!?

Looking forward to seeing you back here real soon!

Happy Scrapping

22 August 2013

Still more of my holiday scrapping

Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for stopping by. . . 

I scrapped this layout of my little guy... and looking at it, I am amazed once more that he's on high school... where have all the years gone?!? 
I scrapped this layout for the colour Challenge in June, using DigiDesignResorts Lazy Days kit for the background  and everything else is from Carena's Designs One for the Boys kit

This holiday also included a trip to the dentist. . . which went blissfully hassle free all round :)

I scrapped this with In the Space / ET kit by Juliette, also a DigiDesignResort kit

I really don't know what I think of the next layout... so un-me
Scrapped using the DigiDesignResort's Simply Romantic kit by Angels Design... 

The next few layouts were of pics of friends and their kids:

A spunky layout for a spunky young lady I met this year... Scrapped using DigiDesignResorts Collab kit: Sand in my toes 

(This layout was done for the Scraplift challenge using the November Romance Collab kit at DigiDesignResort)

Scrapped using the Because of you Collab kit at DigiDesignResort.com

Hope you've enjoyed that!

Till next time, happy Scrapping!

15 August 2013

Some more of my recent layouts

Hi Everyone 

As promised, I'm back with some more recent layouts. . . No method to my madness... Just sharing what I've done over the holidays . . . 

I really like how this layout turned out, though I wasn't so sure about it at the start. . . 

(Scrapped with a DigiDesignResort kit by JanetB Design called Possibilities available here)

(Scrapped with the following DigiDesignResort kits: Carena Design's Always my Love - tag,  White frame - Its a wonderful world Collabeverything else was from Carena Designs Lavender Sweet Pea)

I even got to play along with the progressive scrap... always a favourite of mine...  
Here's my layouts from start to finish: 

here's what my final layout looked like...

(Scrapped with a DigiDesignResort Collab kit called Vintage Treasury Kit unless stated otherwise stated in the original credits at DDR)

(Scrapped with a DigiDesignResort kit by Carena Design's Vintage Steam Punk kit, and from DigiScrapBooking.ch the Background from - Alice en Musique by Aurelie)

Watch this space for still more of my holiday scrapbooking . . .

Happy Scrapping. . . 


08 August 2013

Eid-ul Fitr greeting cards and my wishes and duas for you!

Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu Dear Brothers & Sisters in Islam
I initially scheduled this for after Maghrib, but since most people will not be at their computers, I'm posting this a bit early (after Asr)... Hope that's okay... 

It’s been a long time since my last email, but I trust you and your family have been well, with the kudrat of Allah (SWA).  I pray that whatever you have embarked on over the past months has proven successful and gratifying and that Ramadaan has brought your focus on spirituality and nearness to Allah (SWA) to fruition. . . 

While I have missed both emailing you and receiving your emails, I am also enjoying my new studies.  However, I could not let the great day of Eid-ul Fitr pass without wishing you all the blessings of both Eid and Jumuah … 

(scrapped with the DigiDesignResort's Saskia Frimas kit available here )

and below is a card I made my sons . . . but I make dua that Allah (SWA) accept these duas for all our youth, In shaa Allah, Ameen!

(scrapped with the DigiDesignResort's We are Family Collab kit available here

Wishing you, your family, friends and loved ones a Jumuah & Eid full of blessings, love, success and happiness. . . Jumuah Mubarak!!

Fi amaanillah - I leave you in the protection of Allah (S.W.A.)

Wasalaamu Alaykum Wa Raghmatullaahi Wa Barakaatu


07 August 2013

Some recent layouts

Hi Everyone

I had some time to play over the recent school holidays, and thought I'd share some of my layouts with you... They're in no order... just getting them up . . . Enjoy!!

(Scrapped using the DigiDesignResort's Natural Feeling Collab available here)

(Scrapped using the DigiDesignResort's Saskia Design's Frimas kit available here)

(Scrapped using the following DigiDesignResort kits: Age of boys by Juli Designs - wire mesh & the rest from Carena's Days Gone by bundle

(Scrapped using the following DigiDesignResort kits: May Wedding Collab kit: Swirl
We are family Collab: Love wordart & butterfly, paper scrap and background
Its a wonderful world collab: ribbon)

(Scrapped using DigiDesignResorts Fantasy Collab kit available here)

Watch this space. . . More to follow . . .

Happy Scrapping, till next time :)