31 May 2011

I'm hosting a new Challenge, and a Hot Paws freebie

Hi Everyone

I'm all excited about the new challenge I'm hosting at the Crafty Scraps Forum . . . It's called Name the kits . . . and is really super easy . . . 

I scrapped a layout using free kits you can find either on Michelle's blog or the Crafty Scraps Forum. All you have to do is figure out where each element, alpha and of course the background came from . . . And mail me the answers. . .  Visit the forum now to join the fun :)

Here's a sneak peak at the layout (which I'll be giving away as a quick page as part of the prize) . . .

I also recently scrapped these layouts, but haven't yet had a chance to post it until now . . .

This first layout is done with the May Caboose kit
You can get this HUGE MEGA KIT FREE by entering the May Caboose Challenge (also at the Forum). . . Yes, even if the month has passed. . . Isn't Michelle just a DARLING!!!

The next one, today's freebie,  I scrapped with Michelle McCoy's adorable new Hot Paws kit (also a freebie kit!). . .

It's a scraplift of a layout by Farmer Lisa . . .The pics were taken at a fundraiser for the Bone Marrow Registry, as bleeds and tissue typing are still VERY EXPENSIVE here in SA . . . The black bandana's we're all wearing were also sold as part of the Bandana Day fundraiser, the first of a now annual event organised by the Sunflower Fund.  The bandana's were chosen as many people undergoing chemo lose their hair . . . The Fundraising association I formed part of had the sweaters printed for our fundraising bleed & big walk. . .

And yes, all 3 of us are registered on the Bone Marrow Registry :) . . .We had great fun this day . . . with comedians, a shavathon and best of all . . . lots of funds raised for a great cause!!

Click on image to download

27 May 2011

Friday Frenzy Hop - Memorial Day & Jumuah Hadith

Hi Everyone

This has been yet another hectic week and I'm soooo, sooo very ready for the weekend!

Today's our little guy's entrepreneurs day and he got it into his head to sell gatsbys . . . If you've ever met him, you'll know that once he decides on something you're going to have a hard time convincing him otherwise. . . So I've been up since 4am frying chips and preparing the veggies so that ideally everything would be ready by 7am . . . My hubby got up a little while later and pitched in nicely! Even though he was a HUGE HELP I wish his mood & tone weren't so foul! :( . . .  Afterall, the kids are both at school with plenty of time to spare, and even he (hubby) was back home before the first bell!

But it's Jumuah, a day of blessings, so I'm not going to let him get me down . . .  Instead, I'll wish you all Jumuah Mubarak (Blessed Jumuah/Friday) and show you the the hadith I scrapped for you last night. . . Remember, you can get these straight to your mailbox by registering for my Inspirez Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inspirez

I used my friend Lisa's (Farmer Lisa's Wild Daisies) beautiful Spring Whispers kit to scrap this hadith . . . You can get it free on her blog  as it was part of the Crafty Scraps 1st Blogtrain last month.


But I have another freebie for you today . . . A Memorial Day Quick Page for the Friday Frenzy Hop . . . Just click on the image to download  
My hubby took these pics in his last trip to America during Aug last year. . . 

I scrapped this layout for you using the followinig FREE kit

You can get it by participating in the Hide Find & Design (HFD 11) Challenge at Crafty Scraps Forum  . . . And just in case you missed any of the Memorial Day Quick Pages our team has created, here are the links to the various blogs . . .








Zabra-Scrap   =====> You are HERE

Don't forget to leave some love as you pick up each freebie :) We love hearing from you . . .

You can also see more of my layouts by inviting me, Zabra Scrap as a friend on Facebook :)

Have a great weekend!!!

23 May 2011

Friday Frenzy Hop - Memorial Day

Hi Everyone

I have some great news for you .  . . The Friday Frenzy Hop is back :) . . . This month's Quick Pages will be along the Memorial Day Theme  . . . so diarise the May 27, 2011 :)

See you real soon!!


21 May 2011

Crafty Scraps Choo Choo Blogtrain #2 - Mother's Day Kit Freebie

Hi Everyone,

I hope you've been looking forward to the 2nd Crafty Scraps Blogtrain as much as I have?!? 

If you are here, I hope you started at the blog for the Crafty Scraps Blog Train picked up the freebies there and then went on to Michelle's blog and picked up her portion.  Following the blogtrain till you got to Kristal and then me :)

Here's my portion of the blogtrain for you today (not all the embies are shown):

CLICK the PREVIEW to download!
I really hope you'll like what I've put together for you and find many uses for it!

Now here's the blog roll in case you missed any stops
Crafty Scraps Choo Choo Blog








Daydreamer <==========   YOU ARE HERE

We'd love to see what you do with the kit!  So please join the Challenge at http://www.craftyscrapschat.com/ and show us what you do with the kits!

If you haven't already, you will also want to join the Yahoo Group for the Choo Choo Blogtrain. You will get input into the palette, theme and title of the blogtrains. This is like no other blogtrain.

Check it out here! There's even a freebie there today.
On a different note, if you've been missing my Jumuah emails and the Hadiths I scrap, then sign up to my Inspirez Yahoo Group HERE!! You'll get my emails delivered to your mailbox on Friday :) Here is yesterday's Hadith . . .

I scrapped it with Michelle's beautiful BaBa kit
Here are two more layouts I did with this awesome kit. . .

Hope you enjoyed that :)
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18 May 2011

Kudos kit, template sets, quick page and FREEBIE . . .

Michelle has a great new kit called Kudos

Here are some layouts I did with it . . .

You can get them as a Template Set at ScrapbookMax

And here's my freebie especially for you  . . . Click image to download

Don't forget to sign up as a follower and leave some love . . .

Best wishes always

13 May 2011

Mothers Day layout & kits, Patriotic Red White & Blue Freebie QP

Belated Happy Mother's Day!!! I hope you've all had a wonderful Mother's Day . . . Here are some layouts I did for my Wonderful Mother using Michelle McCoy's Mother's Day Kit . . . available at either Crafty Scraps Forum or ScrapbookMax

& for my Mother-in-Law . . . I used Michelle's LOVE kit . . . available at either Crafty Scraps Forum or ScrapbookMax

Your freebie is from another of Michelle's gorgeous new kits, Red, White & Blue (RWB) kit . . . available at either Crafty Scraps Forum or ScrapbookMax.

Don't forget to sign up as a follower of my blog!! Drop me a line too before grabbing your freebie, I love hearing from you!

06 May 2011

Jumuah Mubarak, 2 beautiful hadith, 2 freebie downloads, Crafty Scraps Store temporarily closed

Slms & Jumuah Mubarak everyone . . .

As you may already know, a few weeks ago I started a Yahoo Group called Inspirez for my Jumuah emails & Hadith cards. . . (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inspirez) . . .

Since quite a few people have not yet signed up, I include the cards below.  . . . Sign up today to get my full email (including discussions, duas & reflections)! If you're having any difficulty getting registered, pop me an email and I'll sign you up . . .

Click here to download Hadith card 8

I scrapped this beautiful hadith using Michelle McCoy's Mother's Day kit, available at http://www.scrapbookmax.com/

Click here to download Hadith card 9

I scrapped this beautiful hadith using Michelle McCoy's Mother's Day kit, available at http://www.scrapbookmax.com/

Important Store news... The Crafty Scraps Store has been closed temporarily while Michelle relocates to a new server and does some revamping. In the meantime, you'll be able to purchase her kits at the Crafty Scraps Forum and at ScrapbookMax.com . . . Please bear with us during these transitions...

03 May 2011

Day at the Beach 2 layouts & an Easter Freebie

Hi Everyone

Hope you've all had a wonderful Easter Holiday . . .

Sorry I've been so scarce lately. . . Life's been a bit crazy my side and just when it seems to be settling down, the flu bugs got me. . . so I'll keep this short

I recently scrapped a few layouts using Michelle's Day at the Beach 2 kit . . .
Enjoy . . .

And now for a looonggg over due Easter Freebie Quick Page . . . But first, here are the kits I used. . . Both available FREE on Michelle's Blog

 Click on the image below to get your Quick Page

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Till next time