31 December 2011

Change, change and still more change . . .

Hi Everyone

Firstly, let me wish you all well for 2012 . . . May your years be filled with blessings, love, success and happiness . . . May 2012 see you making great strides towards your dreams and the life you desire. . .

With 2012 just hours away, I thought I'd fill you in on some of my new year resolutions (if you can call it that!). . .

Since 2011 was a terribly hectic year, I'm setting out to meet 2012 at a more sedate pace. My goal is to take it slow, find that elusive balance in life, and do less things that "need doing" and more things "I want to do" . . . For me that means prioritising ME and what is important to me :) . . . It really isn't meant to be as dreadfully selfish as it sounds though >embarrassed blush<

As part of my "going slow" I've stepped down from Crafty Scraps . . . OOoh, I'm already sooo missing the team's daily chatter! But they'll still see & hear loads from me in the forums:) They're such an AWESOME, warm hearted and talented group of ladies & amazing friends who've truly enriched my life!!

This year (2012) I'm determinedly setting out to do the things on my "To-do list", like scrap my hajj albums :) Sooo sooo long overdue. . . and make me, hubby and the kids proper albums showing our important milestones. At present, I have lots of random pics and events scrapped and saved digitally, but NO ALBUMS!!! I haven't even printed our hajj pics or any others since I got into digiscrapping!!  . . . Bad, bad, bad!!! . . . My reasoning all this time - I kept putting off printing saying I want to scrap the pics then print the albums. . . :(  I also want to get round to scanning in the childhood pics I'd wanted for soo long with a aching heart. . . Yet once I got them home, somehow I never made time to sit down, scan and scrap them. . .  Time to get to it now. . . And time to get organised too!! LOL :)

The one thing that I am bringing into the new year and building on however, is my Inspirez emails & cards. . . I do soooo love hadith, writing and scrapping, and this brings the 3 together sooo beautifully!!! So, instead of just emailing my Jumuah emails out from the Inspirez Yahoo Group each week, and posting my cards (scrapped hadith and Quranic verses) on the blog every so often, I'll now be posting them on my new blog http://786Inspirez.blogspot.com . . . Yes, I have a new blog . . . Nothing on it yet, but I'll get there when the schools reopen :)

So I won't be posting here any longer. Instead, at the start of the school year, I'll be shifting to http://786Inspirez.blogspot.com . . . I'm also deactivating the Zabra Scrap facebook group. Sorry about that guys!! But I hope you will follow me at my new blog instead!

So yeah, I think that's about what I have up my sleeve for the next year.  . . I hope you will wish you well in my new endeavours :)

Till we meet again

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Kristal said...

I know what you mean about making random pages and never getting anything printed! I am the same way and hope to change that this next year. Thanks for the heads up about the new blo. I am your first follower! Yea!